Table of Musings

Just what we all needed, another Brons/JimB/Eldacur web site. As if there weren't enough of those!

I've had a "Thoughts and Musings" section of my web page for as long as I've had a web page, which is a good 15 years or so, but now, I think I'll make it a little more blog-like or even perhaps a little wiki-like, a place where not only can I write the things that cross my mind, but where you folks can comment and perhaps contribute in other ways. I'm building it with Google Sites mostly because I am lazy and Sites is pretty simple.

For nearly three years, I've also had a political blog, "Vox Libertas" which I publish on several sites—Vox, LiveJournal, BlogSpot, MySpace and the Daily Kos—so I don't expect to be writing explicitly political material here, though I may. Instead, the topics here will be historical, technical, philosophical or artistic. Of course, our world is inherently political, so any of those topics may have their political aspects. Nothing is pure, certainly not my interests or writings. The world is about connections.

As this site grows, the pages in it will appear in the box at the upper right of this page and will be listed in the Site

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